The Hiatus Is Binned

I know that last week I said I was going to have a short hiatus but stuff that! I was properly in a rut last week but now I am beginning to feel myself again and I’ve started to get some editing done again.   Hopefully I’ll have this bit of editing done by the weekend.  I’ve been thinking about having a look at my NaNo project as well.  I’ve had a few little scenes play out in my head that I think will work quite well.

Something that I’ve learnt is that when it comes to what is going on in my life, writing is still a large part of it.  I’ll admit that since the start of December I have not written much but I think a little of that was being burnt out by NaNo as well as other matters.  So now I am slowly beginning to feel like my old self again and I’m sure that I’ll be firing on all cylinders very soon.  I’m now off to try and wrap up The War Of The Worlds so night all 🙂

(And yes I forgot to spellcheck my last post so no doubt there are many spelling mistakes, oops!)

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