Another Day, Another Update

Second day in a row that I have got some writing done so I’m feeling pretty good right now.  I’m still a long way off hitting 1500 (almost 700 words today, counting the few I wrote at lunch 🙂 ) words a night like I have done in the past but it feels great to finally let the creative juices flow once more.  It’s not what I consider free-flowing yet though.  I decided to write till half ten tonight and I wrote till just past that just so I could break the 5000 word mark of this story.  When I’m at full steam I wouldn’t stop writing until I hit an appropriate break in the story or my eyelids could no longer hold themselves open, or I felt satisfied with what I had written during that sitting.  This goes back to what I said about writing everyday no matter what.  In sport the best teams are the best because even when they play bad they still, more often than not, win their games.  That’s how I think about writing, even though I am a little tired and I don’t feel like writing I’ve forced myself two days in a row now to write and as I said yesterday, it doesnt matter if its bad writing, it’s still writing. Mur Lafferty ( )says it the best I think “It’s okay to suck” and it is.  So even if what I am writing now does suck, its okay because I’m still writing 🙂

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