A Lasting Inspiration

I’ve been reading up on the Terminator films for a blog post I might write. So far I have read through the wikipedia pages for the first two films. I know what people think of Wikipedia but I’ve always found it a good jumping off point and for this purpose tonight it’s served to remind me of the films in question.
But its Terminator 2 that is on my mind to the point of distraction from the book that I am reading. I can’t help think about some of the things that are still ingrained in me today. These are things that I realised because of this film. Things like mankind’s ambition to destroy itself. That even a robot can appreciate the cost of a human life and when a liquid metal creature tells you to ‘get out’ you do! Even if it is out of a hovering helicopter.
I’m finding myself wishing that I had had the urge to go out and find more things that took my attention and fascination as Terminator 2 did. At this stage of my life it is very rare that I find a movie or a book, or a short story or song that has a lasting effect on me. Is this because I will never be able to regain that young innocence or is it because there is so much mediocre fiction out there that it’s very rare that something does make us go ‘WOW!’ or maybe it’s just that I have not found right fiction.

2 thoughts on “A Lasting Inspiration

  1. Have you seen the movie Southland Tales? You might like it… It was the first in a long time that I had to watch 2 times in a row after first seeing it. It is laced with religious, political, and technological rumors, beliefs, practices, and dreams…


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