A Little Progress Made

I’ve got to break a nasty habit that I have.  I mentioned yesterday that I do not think that a story I have needs re-writing and I think I’m very guilty of this with other stories (I can hear Owen saying ‘I’ve been telling you that for years!’)  So I’m going to try to stop this because I think it’s why I’ve rarely got anything finished.  I don’t need to re-write when I want improve a story I just need to learn how to seamlessly write additional details into my writing without it looking out-of-place.  I can think of at least three of my stories that this applies to.

As for NaNoWriMo, I’ve got to give it a decent bash, even if it is second to Project Delphi (knocked out a few pages of that tonight) I think NaNo is one of those things that all writers should at least look into.  It’s a great way to get into the habit of just writing and not worrying about whether it’s any good, As Mur (Lafferty) says, It’s OKAY to suck.  I have settled on a story that I am going to work on 😉

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