Writing With A Plan

I am not a planner with my writing.  I proudly think of myself as an organic writer and I write wherever the story goes, and the thought of trying to note down the key points of a story before I write seems terrifying.  That’s because I have never done it, until NaNo this year.  Before NaNo started I actually plotted out the first four chapters, well not in that sense.  I knew what I wanted to say in the beginning of the novel and figured that would be enough to spark my creativity to complete the story, it wasnt enough.  The beginning flowed really well and I think I did some of my best writing in those early chapters.  But not having it planned out enough meant that not only did I fail NaNo (again) but the story fizzled out.  I know roughly how I want it to end and in the last couple of days I have found a very good way to plug a plot hole.

As I said I had sat down before NaNo and plotted out how the early stages of the novel would go and I also scribbled down a load of bullet points and some other random notes and ideas that I wanted to include in the story.  This did work really well as I started really well.  Looking back at it I think if I had given myself a little more time during the planning stage then I would have worked through some of the plot a little better.  I was working on Project Apollo for NaNo and this is one of mine and Owen’s joint projects in the same universe as The Space Watch (Project Delphi) and he gave me some real good little notes as I was sending him my progress.

Now we will sit down and go through what I have done and Owen will sprinkle his magic over it. I don’t think the first 10,000 words or so will need too much work but from there we will need to tighten up the plot and plug the hole I mentioned.  We will need to feed in the little sub-plots that I seem to forget about when I am writing and some of these need attention.

Just a little update on The Space Watch, it is coming along but due to some real life things it’s been sidetracked a little. Hopefully once I’ve had a decent nights sleep I’ll be cracking on with the last of Owen’s edits.  I should not have taken part in NaNo if I’m completely honest but I had to give it a crack, it is NaNo after all 🙂


2 thoughts on “Writing With A Plan

  1. I feel it’s an organic process too that if I plan too deeply feels fake. I try to plan after the fact, so that I’m not always having to revise, but other than that I move forward with not much to go on.

    • I agree that planning every little detail would make it feel fake, although I do know of people that can write very well like that. I’m going to try and plan out my writing in a little more detail because I keep falling short with my work.

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