Movie Monday: Breaking Dawn pt2




My Girlfriend has been itching to see this, she is a huge fan of the movies and I think she’ll soon buy the books to read through, but this is a Movie Monday post so lets talk about the movie 🙂

I had seen the first of the movies when it first came on TV and yeah it wasnt bad but it did not blow me away.  Knowing that Tracie wanted to see the last film I saw the other films so I knew what was going on (hate watching something and not knowing what’s going on).   The films in general were okay, but again they did not blow me away.  In one of the films we saw some of the back story to some of the characters which I enjoyed but to Breaking Dawn pt2.

Its okay. The film moved along from Breaking Dawn pt1 okay, Bella takes to being a vampire quite well.  Edward is thrilled about it.  Jacob is very protective of Bella and Edwards child, he imprinted her in the last film to protect her from the werewolf pact. This causes issues which seem to be easily resolved.  They tell Bella’s dad that something has happened but they cannot say what.  It’s a need to know sort of thing.  Then another vampire see’s Bella and Edwards child with Jacob, in wolf form and she runs off to tell the Valtori (vampire overlords) and they want Alice (Edwards “sister”) to be part of their army because she can see the future.  So they use Bella and Edwards daughter as an excuse to wipe out the Cullen’s.  They think that the child is an immortal child, which is bad.

The Cullen’s then gather friends to witness that the child is not immortal but they still expect it to lead to a huge fight.  Jacob gives the pact’s support to the Cullen’s and it all gets to a fight.  There’s a few other little bits here and there but I’ll leave them here.  The fight is pretty good, key characters from throughout the movies do die and the Cullen’s win (I told you there were spoilers) But that’s not it though, that’s not how it ended.  It turns out that the whole fight was what Alice showed Aro.  Aro can see someones entire memory or whats on their mind with just a simple touch, and Alice can see the future.  She shows him his own death, so he walks away.

Normally I would not reveal as much of a movie as this but I wanted to talk about the whole fight scene.  I have heard so many writers and editors say that showing something important or dramatic like this fight scene, and then show it as a dream or a vision is a no-no as far as writing goes.  I think that it’s a little bit of a cheat and is one of the unwritten rules of writing, but certain rules need to be bent, and some need to be broken.  Only if they work though, here it kind of did (how many copies of these books have been sold? enough said).  I did not find the ending satisfactory simply because of that though.  Would I watch it again? Yeah, but I will not be going out of my way to watch it.

As for Tracie, she loved it!  Its been her favourite movie of the year (it had Taylor Lautner in it) seriously though she did enjoy it.  She loved how it ended and I think we’ll be going to see it again if we have a chance.

One thing that I was not happy about was the sex scene at the start of the film.  I do not think that we needed to see that in a 12a rated movie.


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