WIP Update

I’ve lacked a little focus the last few days, especially with the WIP. I think thats because I hit a difficult bit and when this has happened before with other projects I’ve lost interest in the story and moved off to something else, but I think I’ve got past that little bit now so I just need to get rolling again. Another thing that has caused a little stutter is the weekend. I’ve noticed that Monday and Tuesdays are all but a complete waste of effort. I’ve made little progress these two days but nothing to shout about.
This one requires a fair amount of expanding of what I already have. I’ve written some of it quite detailed and other bits I’ve summed up briefly but I believe it would work better by continuing the detail that I have in other areas of the story. Otherwise it will seem that I’m skipping big chunks of the story which will help me give the reader the experience of what my protagonist is struggling with.
I have hopefully come up with a new title for the story though. It’s something that’s been poking at the edges of my mind for a while and it broke through yesterday. I mentioned it to a friend and she came back with some positive feedback. I’m going to share it with a couple of other people in the next few weeks to see what they think too.


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