Making A Decision

For Avoiding The Game (WIP) I have an idea to add an aspect to the story that will change a lot of it and its an idea that I really like and I think it could give a lot of opportunities for if I want to write more in this universe. The problem I have at the moment is it will involve a hell of a lot of research and could put me back a few weeks. Or I could just make a few minor references to it so if I do revisit this world I can use it from there.

Part of the idea has a strong religious element to it so for that I have to know exactly what I am talking about (No Blagging in other words).

There is a number of pros and cons here. This would add a small amount of conflict and tension to the story, but could also overfill it. What started off as a simple story has gotten a little more bigger, which I think works, but I’m worried that added this element will put too much in there and take away from how I am hoping to end it.


Okay I think that’s enough rambling for one night.


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