Tonights Post 1/3/13

I have had an amazingly busy day at work today so I got home feeling shattered but I did manage to get some editing done. Me and Owen also had a chat via FaceTime and got some bits and pieces tidied up.

I’m still not being quite as productive as I need to be, I’ve been in a bit of a rut the last few weeks. Fatigue has hit me a little and writing related stuff has been a little hit and miss, although when I am writing it looks good 🙂

A little shout out here to a dear friend and an amazing writer, Cinta Garcia de la Rosa. Cinta has written a great children’s book called; The Funny Adventures Of Little Nani. This is a collection of short stories about a young Witch who is trying to suss out how to use magic. It is funny and imaginative and I can’t wait till I have children to read it to 🙂 Here’s a link to the promo page for Little Nani;

Cinta has also just started a new blog where she will post her book reviews. Cinta is a prolific reader so she has plenty of reviews of the books she has read. Its good reading 🙂

On Haywire I am really getting into this one, I’m reading this quicker than I normally read a book so to me that is always a good sign. I’ve also finished series three of Battlestar Galactica as well so I’ll start series four next week.

Scary Owen

And here’s a picture of Owen.

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