Getting Lost

Today I hit my lowest point as a writer. I had no faith in my own ability and at one point I was going to bin all of the hard copies of my work when I got home.

As previous posts have stated Project Apollo needs a lot of work and the novella I was working on before will never see the light of day in its current form. With the doubt in myself from that one I had put a lot of hope in getting Project Apollo into a good, well put together story. It’s not turned out like that. We (my writing partner and I) have made a lot of amateur mistakes. The story is good but we haven’t thought it through enough. We have not thought out the wider details, of which much will not appear in the story but information that makes it feel natural. This is the case for most aspects of the book. Characters have no real stories to them. We have spent too much time looking at details which are secondary to what we should have been looking at. We have spent too much time on items that have no place in the story aside from an odd mention.

Project Apollo is the beginning of what we hope will be a series of shared universe stories, but we can’t let ourselves get lost in world building and tie-in work at the loss of the individual stories. I see that now.


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