Broken Words

I tried to write tonight, I tried to take words from paper and put them into a computer making sensible alterations as I went but to no joy. I wrote a handful of lines and made more silly mistakes in those few lines then I have in the previous two nights.
So I’ve knocked off for tonight. Tracie (My Girlfriend) had said to me that I should have a night off as I had said I was feeling tired. She was right. I’ve popped on a movie and I’m bugging people on Facebook and Twitter. I may bug people on Google+ too but anyway I just couldn’t get firing tonight. This is really annoying as I was hoping to have this typed up and off to Owen by the end of the week, but anyway I’m properly rambling which is a sign that I am tired so I’m going to wrap this up and hopefully after a good nights sleep ill be firing once more 🙂


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