Editing Woes

As I’m working thought this draft of Earth, After Liberation I’m noticing just how disjointed it is. The more of it I read the more it is coming apart ever so slightly at the seams, it’s a little discouraging if I’m totally honest, but most days I just crack on and carry on with reading through. I’m making a few changes as I go along but I’m coming to the conclusion that I’m going to have to print the story off and go through with a red pen, a highlighter and mark out where I’ll be needing to re-write total sections.

I really need to make a decent list of bullet points for what I want to include in the story so that I don’t forget them when I’m actually working on it, I have lots of little threads which just kind of disappear. I also need to work on my characters a little.

This story is close to being something very good, but I’m holding it back at the moment because I need to fine tune some of my writing skills and do a lot more research to make things in the story sit much better.

I have a beginning, a middle and an end, I have a complete story, but at the moment it feels far too bare bones and needs fleshing out.


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