Project Apollo Update

Owen and I are re-writing Project Apollo. We decided this a couple of weeks ago but tonight have sat down and talked out where we want to take this story. If I am totally honest what we have written is not anywhere near good enough in our opinion. We started off with quite a strong beginning but it petered out pretty badly. We are happy with the core story but we’ve skimmed across too much, we have been lazy, okay I have been lazy as I was writing this one. At the moment its a fifty thousand word story but in truth it should be a hundred thousand word story, if not more. I’ve said before that this is a rich universe that Owen and I are playing in but we’ve not done it justice. Owen said it perfectly when he said tonight that we’ve lost focus. We got so wrapped up in the bigger world we forgot that we had to have a story.

What’s next? Well we pull the early parts of the story that we are happy with which only need a few tweaks and we plot out what we want to say in each chapter. This time we are going to write one chapter at a time and write the story we should have written the first time around.

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