State Of Play

Yesterday I finally finished the tweaks to Final Freedom; I’ll give it a week or so before giving it one last look over to make sure there are no silly typos that I, or my awesome Beta readers, may have missed.

Now I’m back on trying to get Project Apollo where Owen and I want it. We’ve had a decent little break from it, well I have. Owen’s been working on an epic element of the ending while I’ve been taking a breather. Now I’m keen to get back into it and get this draft done by the time NaNoWriMo begins in November.  Tomorrow I’m going to a write-in with a Facebook writers group I’m a member of, I can’t wait for that as the last time I went I found it really motivating, as well as meeting some brilliant people.

Chrystalyn and I are still brainstorming The Residents. We have some great characters and the general story is looking good.

There are a couple of other story ideas that are fighting amongst themselves for my attention at the moment, as well as my desire to get my vampire series tidied up and off to Beta readers.

As always my biggest enemy is myself and my lack of discipline but I am working on that and if any of you awesome people see me on social media a lot in the evenings please feel free to tell me to get back to work! 😉



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