Subtle Influences

It struck me recently as I was watching Terminator 2 that I put Mini Guns into pretty much anything that I can and that it was the influence of this film and the movie Predator that gave me this fascination with this weapon. This got me thinking about what else I may have picked up during my life that comes out when I write, although I suspect this may only become obvious once I’ve had my work read by a few people.

This is a thought that has been running through my head and I suppose I like to put loyal and honest characters in my writing. I like putting certain vehicles in as well.  Having worked in the second hand car trade for the last fourteen years I’ve picked up on what generally is a good car and the types of car that I like tend to be reflected in some of my protagonist’ vehicles of choice. I mention guns a lot too. In my vampire collection I mention different pistols i.e. Berreta and Glock.

From now on I know I’m going to be looking at what I’m writing and trying to pick out where I’ve put my likes and dislikes into the text, which i suppose is all part of being a writer. We let our preferences come out in our fiction.

has anyone else noticed this in their own writing?

9 thoughts on “Subtle Influences

  1. In a much different way, yes. The car thing happens to me too; if you read my work, you might notice that poor characters drive certain models, or that stuck up ones tend towards more expensive SUV’s. As you say, subtle influences. I guess I spent so long going to school with, and associating items with, certain types of people that I can’t keep it from bleeding into my work.


  2. I do the same thing. Possibly even to a greater extent. Not only does Lyla drive the SUV I wanted at the time I started the story, and Brighthouse drives the car my husband-then-boyfriend drove at the time, but Jillian is based on my best friend who has since passed away. The opening scene where Jillian and her roommate are mugged is also based on the time I was mugged. We can’t help but have our own experiences and preferences shape our work. And I’m sure no one will fault you for it. 🙂


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