NaNoWriMo: Day 11

Another good day, 2300 words and I passed the 28k mark. I did take it a little easier today. I didn’t start writing until after I’d been to the cinema, about 3:30, 4pm sort of time, but when I did start writing I took it nice and easy. It’s not like I’m behind so there’s no need for me to bust a gut trying to stay on track. I’m at the point where the NaNo stats are saying I only need to write 1098 words a day to finish on time, I’m not going to ease off though. I’m still going to try and write the minimum of 1667 a day until I’ve finished the story, even if I finish the novel on less then 50k.

Someone said to me yesterday that I’ll be at the 50k mark in the same amount of time it took me to get to 25k (10 days). I’m not as optimistic, partly because I’m not going to try and do that and partly because I’m waiting to hit The Wall any day now and that’ll hold me back for a few days.

Tomorrow I have the whole day to write, Thursday I’ll have the day to write before going to a Bluewater Write-In up at 6pm. Friday I may have to move a couple of small freezers for my Nan and Great Aunt but aside from that I’ll have the rest of the day. The weekend I’ll have the hen house to clean out but thats it. The rest of the weekend will be mine. I’ll probably put my feet up and take it easy and only aim for hitting the daily minimum. There’s no need to push too hard. That said I was only aiming for the minimum today but ended up with more, it all depends on how much I get into what I’m writing.



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