NaNoWriMo: Day 19

It does feel a little odd continuing these daily updates now that I’ve passed the 50k but I think it’s a good exercise for me to do as it lets me reflect a little on how I’m adjusting to not having to write as many words a day and who that is affecting my output. Today is quite a good example I think of where having completed NaNo has let me ease off the pace.

This morning I only managed a measly 130 words before work, which left me with 870 to write if I was to hit my self imposed target of a 1000 words. Now, if I hadn’t of hit the 50k on Monday then I’d still be trying to do the minimum 1667 words a day as I’d decided to hit that at least everyday despite what I may have done the day before. I think it was Friday that I wrote just over 6000 words but on Saturday I still made sure I wrote at least the minimum (okay I think i wrote over the minimum to be honest) but that’s helped me keep this momentum going. Today though I’d been trying to hit another 600-700 words then I’d be writing for another hour or so before I could start to wind down. It’s not too bad If I can get a good start when I get home but tonight I’ve had the house to myself for the early part of the evening, so I had to lock chickens up, recovering any eggs in the process. Feed the cat and dg and feed myself, so I didn’t get started till quarter to eight or so.

So having that smaller word count, because I’ve already hit target, is handy to have.

Okay, I feel like I’m rambling now so I’m logging out. If you’re doing NaNo, I hope its going well, if you feel your lagging behind theres no need to worry. You have the start of a story 🙂


*please ignore any typos 😀


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