Finding The Right Balance

As I was writing a general update post I talked about finding a balance between writing and editing, primarily on different projects. To give you an idea of where I’m going to be by the end of January (2015) I have my vampire collection waiting to be edited. I’ll have the Earth, After Liberation re-write to edit and possibly Oppression (Earth, After Liberation’s sequel) to edit, although I’m tempted to re-write that one as well, but that depends on how I feel it reads when I read it in January.
So I’m trying to figure out how I’m going to be able to balance between writing new fiction and editing the first drafts that I’ve got done. Owen and I are hoping to be ready to start on the Project Apollo re-write in the early part of next year and that first draft I’ll want to have done within three months of starting the re-write, but I want to edit other work as well at the same time.
I’d like to be able to balance the two but I don’t want to write one day and edit another as I think that’ll affect my writing momentum. One way that I think may work well is to edit at weekends. I can get my minimum done and then start editing. I may even be able to do this of a weeknight as well.

If anyone has had this problem and found a solution that you found helpful please feel free to share:)

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