A Productive Evening

1765 words were written tonight in two sittings for a time of 1.2 hours. It’s been a long week where squeezing in writing hasn’t been easy so having the time to write for 25 minutes or so, take a ten minute break and then get cracking again, has felt good. All week I’ve been wanting to get back up to the 1500-2000 word mark once more and doing that tonight has put a smile on my face a little.

This weekend I’ve got a few things I really need to do. One of them is tidy my room up. At the moment it’s looking a little neglected and it’s driving me a little nuts.
I’d also like to give my desk another tidy up. My desk is one which has a slid-out keyboard shelf under the main surface of the desk and before I brought my iMac I took that shelf out, tonight I’ve put that back in and I’ve found it was more comfortable while I was writing. Doing that though means I’ve had to move something from a shelf under the desk which sits higher then the shelf does. So I need to find a new home for that but hopefully that’ll happen when I rearrange the desk.

I’m due to be out for lunch with a couple of old school friends on Sunday so that’ll be a couple of hours that I won’t be writing but I’m planning to write before I go and then again when I get home as well.

With what I’ve written today I’m now at (just over) 12,000 words, which puts me back on the thousand words a day target I want to do. I’ve set this little target as I’m thinking this story will be about 60,000 words and if I keep to a thousand words a day then I’ll wrap up by the 1st of February (which is a date that is looking like a date that another project will hopefully start).
With that in mind something I need to do is find a good balance between editing and writing, but I’m thinking it may be beyond me to try and do both at the same time, especially if they’re different projects, with what little time that I have. One way of doing it may be to edit on a weekend once I’ve hit my minimum for the day, but I’ll see how that works out. If anyone has any tips that may help me with this then please feel free to share 🙂

4 thoughts on “A Productive Evening

  1. I’ve heard and read many articles on editing your novel…one stated after you’ve written your complete novel, put it away for a few months. This is suppose to clear your thoughts when you pick it up to edit. You’ll see where it needs to be shortened or lengthen, etc. I thought this was crazy … how could I put it away, watching it gather dust when all I wanted was to edit, edit, edit….but after many re visions I gave in and follow their wisdom.. it did help to see what I was not seeing clearly before. I hope this helps you a little bit.. this is my first time ever giving anyone advise on writing, editing.. if you Google it there are many topics out there that may help you.. Good luck and take care … Happy blogging to ya…

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