Last Years Words: Month by Month

I don’t know why but I’ve got the urge to share with you all what I wrote each month last year. For the whole year I wrote 162,870 words, here’s how it breaks for down each month:

January 3176
February 4815
March 7282
April 4671
May 10095
June 28013
July 6915
August 4233
September 2564
October 3070
November 55310
December 32726

As you can see, my word counts were a little erratic throughout the year. One of my aims this year is to average about a 1000 words a day, but I’m being realistic and I know I wont end the year on over 350,000 words. My average for last year is about 13,500 words. If I end this year with an average of about 20,000 words I’ll be very happy 🙂


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