Update 15-1-15

Last night I had a break from fiction writing. Instead I wrote and posted two blog posts and began to write a third post as well. I just needed a night where I flaked out on my bed and worked on my iPad. It was nice and relaxed and I feel like I got a lot done.

Tonight I got back into Earth, After Liberation and knocked out 1200 words, despite interruptions (tomorrow I may activate Airplane mode).

I’m doing a 1000 words in a 100 days challenge and at the moment I’m behind by about 1200 words, so I’m planning on getting caught up over the weekend and hopefully getting ahead a little too. I also don’t think this story will end up as a 60,000 word book. I’m at 46,500 words at the moment and I’ve got a feeling there’s at least a good 25-30,000 words of story to get through to the conclusion. So maybe having this done by February 1st is being optimistic.


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