Good Morning Sunday

Here’s just a quick little post to start the day. I’m aiming to have a good days work today. Arsenal kick-off at about 4pm so I’m going to try and see how much I can get done between now and then.

I’m going to be working on both Earth, After Liberation and Project Apollo. I’m not starting the 1st draft of the Apollo re-write but I’ve had an idea floating around my head for a few weeks now and Owen likes the idea, but would like to see how it’s executed. So I had a play around with it last night and will do some more on it today and then get it sent out to him.

I’m hoping that doing this sample for Owen helps with Earth, After Liberation because I feel like I’m loosing a little momentum with it a bit and I’m wondering if its because I’ve been working on this, and it’s sequel, for about five months now. Maybe I’m a little board with it.

But anyway, I’m off to start working and I’ll check back in later with an update of how much I’ve done 🙂

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