My Saturday Night

I remember when Saturday nights meant I was off out clubbing till the early hours of Sunday morning. Not so much now, although I am planning on having a few nights out during the year I don’t expect to be stepping into many nightclubs. Pubs, thats more likely. Tonight though, I’m watching Pacific Rim and I’ll be watching Cloud Atlas later on. I’m working on a couple of writing bits too. Nothing from Earth, After Liberation tonight though. A couple little bits that Owen wants to see for Project Apollo.

I’ve already dropped behind my 1000 words a day target, but it gets back to being realistic; I work full time, we’ve had a busy end of the week (a good end of the week, but busy), so I have to weigh up whether I want to get a few hours where I’m not as heavy on the writing so my mind can breath a little or do I want to go hammer and tongs and try to thrash out some words tonight? I decided on the having a breather part. I’m planning on getting an early start tomorrow so hopefully I’ll get a good start to the day and have a productive day.
I tried to do the same last week but life got in the way. So tomorrow I’ll hopefully be up and writing by 8, 8:30am and hopefully by about 4pm I’ll have caught up to where I should be for the month (I’m about 3000 words behind).

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