Book Review: Groovy Cool Writing Techniques by Cinta Garcia de la Rosa

***I’m going to start this blog post by stating that I received an Advance Review Copy (ARC) of this book and I consider Cinta to be a friend, but that won’t sway my opinion of this book.***

Groovy Cool Writing Techniques is obviously a guide to help us writers, write. In it Cinta Garcia de la Rosa gives us tips on how to overcome many of the problems we face when we’re writing; from writers block to how to relax and how to work through the anxiety that can come when writing. As well as many other little hurdles that can stop writers from getting words out of our heads and onto paper (or into a computer).

Some of the tips in this guide look at how to exercise our creative muscles while not in the act of writing, and how important that is to the process.

One of the stand out themes that Cinta talks about in Groovy Cool Writing Techniques is the self doubt that can come while writing. This self doubt is something that I personally suffer from, especially lately where I’ve felt I’ve not been able to get the right words out of my head and in the right order. So it helped seeing it addressed here and I’ve tired the visualisation exercise at the end of Chapter 2 which helped me even more.

There are many good tips and exercises in Groovy Cool Writing Techniques but what I think makes this book work so well for me is the fact that each chapter feels like its in a tidy, manageable and bitesize chunk. I’ve not read many writing guides, simply because when I’ve looked at them in book shops they look a little intimidating. Even On Writing by Stephen King I think would have been a hard read for me if I had read it and not listened to the audiobook. (I’m not comparing Groovy Cool Writing Techniques to On Writing, as in my opinion they are two different types of guide books).

With Groovy Cool Writing Techniques I found it was easy for me to absorb the information it gave, and with the odd part here and there I went back and read a paragraph or sentence again, and as it is laid out in the way it is I found it was easy to do this.

Do I recommend Groovy Cool Writing Techniques? Absolutely yes. This is a well written, well thought out and well presented book which is full of good advance for any writer.

One last thing I want to mention, this book has a fantastic cover which suits the book incredibly well.

Groovy Cool Writing Techniques by Cinta Garcia de la Rosa is available from the 1st of March, but if you can’t wait that long then you can pre-order it from Amazon now (the link is below).

You can find Cinta at her blog, Cinta’s Corner, where she posts about her travels, book reviews, cooking and many other topics.

Thank you all for reading and I hope you check out Groovy Cool Writing Techniques, and visit Cinta’s Corner, I’m pretty sure theres something there for everyone 🙂


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