Good Morning Friday

This last week has been fairly unproductive when it comes to writing, its just been one of those weeks where little obstacles have cropped up here and there.
I’ve had a Advance Reader Copy (ARC) of a book a friend of mine has written, it’s a really good book on writing and I’ll be writing a review of it tonight. So I’ve spent some time reading that – which I’ve enjoyed doing – and I went to the cinema on Tuesday night as well (I saw Jupiter Ascending and loved it, a really fantastic movie).
I think it was Wednesday night that I was planning on getting a good evenings work, but I didn’t leave work till about 6:30pm and I had to run an errand after work. So I didn’t manage to get home until gone 7pm. Then once I’d had a bath and dinner, and done the dishes it was pushing 9pm and I was exhausted.
Last night I finished reading the ARC and did a little writing before winding down with a movie, and tonight I’m not going to get much written as I’ll be preparing to go down to Owen’s tomorrow so we can do some work on Project Apollo. So that’ll be two days where I don’t think I’ll get many words done on my WIP.


It is supposed to rain all day on Sunday here in the UK so I’m planning to spend a fair chunk of the day getting words onto paper. This story I’m working on is taking turns that I wasn’t expecting it too, especially some character development that I hadn’t seen coming. It was really exciting as I was writing that bit as the story took over and I haven’t had that happen in a long time 🙂


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