Wiped Out

This past weeked turned out to be a loss for me. I got struck down with a cold which hit me Friday and then really hit me on Saturday. Looking back at being at work on Saturday and then getting home to clean the henhouse out I’m not too sure how I managed to get through the day.

I’d had to cancel mine and Owen’s meeting in the evening and once I had done everything that I needed to do I just got in bed and watched football and later on the heighlights (with the odd Leathal Weapon film inbetween).

Sunday was much the same as Saturday evening. I spent the day watching football programmes as I rode out the worst of the cold bug. I think Saturday was when the bug hit me the hardest, but even now I’m still not feeling my normal self. My head is still feeling fuzzy and I still have a sore throat and I’m feeling very nasally, but I think I’m over the worst of it now.

This probably sounds like I’m whining a little here, and I am a little, but I find being unwell quite frustrating. In almost fifteen years of working fulltime I think I’ve had, maybe, ten days off sick and none because of something as little as a cold.

I know how lucky I am that I don’t get every little bug that comes along or that I have a serious illness that I have to live with, but I often do suffer from head colds and when I do get one it takes it out of me.

What has been the most frustrating is writing has all but stopped again. This year is turning out really badly for writing, it’s not anywhere near where I was expecting it to be at the start of the year. I’ve really got to pull myself out of this hole that I find myself in.

I feel like I’m finding excuses, although I don’t consider the cold an excuse as my brain doesn’t work properly when I’ve got a cold;  but I think I’m too tired, or there’s not enough time in the evenings or I really need to watch that movie I’ve had on Blu-Ray for six months and haven’t watched yet.

I can write during my lunch breaks at work, I can write in the evenings no matter how little time I have avaliable to me. I just need to pull my finger out and get cracking again!  


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