Project Apollo Update

I’m just writing a quick little post before I go to work, give an update on how Project Apollo has gone this week s far.

I’m  feeling pretty good about my prodcutivity. I’m not just getting a lot of words writtten, I think I’m getting some good words written and building the story and the universe.

There’s been a couple of speedbumps so far with this rewrite but aside from one aspect most of them should be easily fixed. That one problem is something that Owen and I are still trying to figure out but I’m hoping we’ll have it sorted out sooner rather then later.

Last night I managed to get about 800 or so words done, which I’m beryl happy with because I really didn’t feel like writing last night (I wasn’t in an especially good mood). I had not desire to do anything aside from playing GTAV but I forced myself to get my arse in the chair and write. This time last week I wouldn’t have been able to do that due to the rut that I’ve been in since January.

That’s all I’ve got time for now, I am going to try and work some time into my week to get some more thought through posts written. These must be getting boring by now 😛 

Have a good day everyone.

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