Getting In The Right Attitude

For the Project Apollol rewrite Owen and I have set the 1st of June as the date that we want to have the story done by. That’s fifty-six days from now, and to hit our- rough- target of 90,000 words we’ll need to average 1403 words a day. That doesnt seem like a lot but with how I’m doing this draft – handwriting it and then typing it up – means its going to be a difficult challenge to hit the target by the 1st of June. Which is why we’ve given ouselves a buffer zone of a month. Having an outside date of the 1st of July gives us another thirty days, but even then it takes the daily target down to 914 words a day. Which is still a challenge, but if I want to be even remotely serious about this then having and hitting a deadline is something that I need to be trying to achieve.

What makes me think this is achievable is the fact that I’m kind of having to write at the moment. The urge to write is incredibly strong right now. I’m really hoping this means I’ve found my groove again, and I’ve written 7500 hundred words this easter. 

I’m really going to try and step up a gear this coming week and try to be getting closer to the 1000 words a day when I’m handwriting.

There’s a long way to go but this story is gaining a little bit of pace now.

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