Good Morning, Monday 

Yesterday I had a really productive day, getting over 2800 words written. 2600 of those was in the morning and midday but I felt the urge to get witing again about 10pm so I wrote a couple more hundred then. 

It felt really good to have a 2000+ word day again, it’s been a while since I’ve been in that type of zone. I’m not expecting to get anywhere near that number today as I’m handwriting the 5th chapter of Project Apollo and for me handwriting is a much slower process than typing is.

We also passed both the 10k and 11k marks on this rewrite yesterday but we’re still in a stage of the story where we’re laying the foundtions of the story and for further stories. As I’ve said befor this book is going to be the first in what Owen and I hope will be an open ended series, so it feels like we’ve got to include certain information about the universe we’re creating. That said I am a little worried we may get too heavy with this detail and that’ll slow the story up too much, but I’m hoping we’re pick up on that during the editing stages if it does happen.

Right, that’s enough talking about it. I’m going to get some words written.

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