Looking Back At March

Last month was a good month. I managed to get back into my groove and I managed to write 20655 words during the month. Most of those have been on the Avoiding The Game rewrite, but I’ve put that on the back burner a little and I’ve dived into the Project Apollo rewrite. I’m hand writing the fourth chapter and am typing up the third chapter at the moment. I haven’t yet gained the momentum on it I’d like to have done, but doing the initial draft on paper is slowing me down a little. It’s worth it though I think as when I’m typing it up I’m adding and rewriting where its needed. So hopefully it’s a much tighter draft.

Owen has been happy with what I’ve gotten done so far, he obviously has notes but we’ll get those added in when we work on the second draft. We both know the story very well, and Owen is going to keep me on track to make sure I don’t wonder off track too much. There are elements that we don’t agree on, but they are not anything that can’t be fixed in the editing phase.

On a personal level I just want a draft done. The first attempt at this story was a couple of years ago and isn’t that good. We have a lot of faith in the story, but our characters need a little work and the universe desperately needed some depth added to it. Since that draft was done Owen and I have spent a lot of time on universe building and I think we’re going to be able to flesh the story out with the details that’ll help the reader sink into the setting better.

Overall I think March was a good month, I wrote a lot of words and felt good about what I wrote. Now I’m aiming at building from last month and try to pick up a decent momentum going into April. Owen and I have set a deadline to have this Project Apollo draft done which is the 1st of June.

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