Lost Thoughts

I sat down tonight to write a post and as soon as I opened up WordPress I lost what I was planning to write. Whatever I was goinng to write about has just vanished and I haven’t even got a vague idea of what I was going to talk about, so this post may end up as one big ramble 😛 

Writing wise I wrote 3100 words on Monday and then read through some Beta readers notes for my vampire collection. Last night I didn’t have much time to get any words down and only ended up with about 300 words down. Tonight I was at a write in, but we didn’t get any writing done. It was with my Kent NaNoWriMo group and one of our fantastic liasons is moving away in a couple of months so a dozen or so of us invaded Costa and Bluewater and we had a fun evening. The group isn’t going to be the same without Elizabeth at our write-ins but thanks to the glory of the internet and Facebook she’s still going to be around 🙂

Right, now I’m going to watch the end of Shaun of the Dead and then bed. Tomorrow evening I’m going to have a productive evening 🙂

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