Slow But Steady

As the title of this posts suggests, I’m making slow but steady progress with my main WIP. Some day’s I’ll add a few hundred words, other days it’ll be closer to seven or eight hundred words, with the odd thousand word day one here or there. Generally, I’m happy where the story is going but I’m feeling a little detached from the bigger story as a whole at the moment. I think part of that is where I’m bridging two parts of the story and once I’ve done that I think I’ll feel much more happy with the story. It is moving nicely though and I’m happy with my progress on it, although I am trying to pick up my pace with it a little.

With the various outlining I’m doing I’ve put them on hold until I’ve spoken to Owen. Almost all of the outlining that I’m doing is related to our story universe that we’ve created.

I am still working on this piece of FanFic that I am writing, this is actually becoming one of the easiest stories I’ve ever worked on. The words are flowing so easily it’s almost not even funny. I can see where this novel is going, where book two goes, and book three. I’m really hoping this’ll help me with my own fiction; just in character details alone I’ve learnt more working on this then I have done any other piece of fiction I’ve worked on.

Right, now I’m going to shut down for the night and watch a couple of movies.


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