A State Of Play Post

I’ve not blogged much recently because I want to move away from posts where I’m just updating how my writing is going. Instead I may do a post like that once a week or so, and try to focus on posts where I’m putting more thought into them talk about the things that interest and excite me.

To the writing though; I’m making steady but slow progress on my WIP, last years NaNoWriMo novel. I’m in a position where I’m editing but I’m re-writing a lot and adding some totally new sections as I go. I’m still finding my tone a little with it in places but I think it’s getting there now.

I am working on a chapter by chapter outline of the Project Delphi re-write, although I feel like I’ve hit a little bit of a bump in that. So Owen’s going to have a look and hopefully point me back on track. I will need to have a good look at the treatment for it as well and see if that shakes anything loose.

I am working on my first piece of FanFic as well. This is something I’ve not really done before but am really enjoying it. I know it’ll probably never see the light of day but I’ve learnt a lot about writing, in particular structure and character motivations. It’s really shown me that I need to do more work developing my own characters and their motivations.

Right, that’s all for now. I’m off out to be social in a short while. Tomorrow though I’m aiming for a productive morning of work.

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