NaNoWriMo: One Day To Go

I’m not really thinking about the story I’m doing this NaNoWriMo. I’ve known for some time what I’m going to change on this second draft and it’s pretty straightforward. What I’m thinking about is other pieces I’m working on. I’ve got the Space Watch partly done. The short story I’ve been working on which I thought was done but I’m now thinking it’s just a section of a bigger story, and I’m thinking about pieces I’m looking to be working on after these few pieces are wrapped up.

I’m not anywhere near as excited about NaNo as I normally am. I think this year has just battered me too much and, although I’m not one for wishing the time away, I’m looking forward to getting this year finished with. I want to end the year on a more positive note than it’s been for the bulk of the year though, so I’m going to dive into NaNo head first and use it to really get some momentum going for not only the rest of this year but for the next calendar year as well.

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