NaNoWriMo 2016: Update

I know I haven’t updated for the last couple of days. I had a bit of a confidence hit on Wednesday and have had a little trouble getting back in the swing of things. On the 10th I wrote 591 words, the 11th I got back into the swing a bit with 1718 but I didn’t write yesterday at all.

Today I’ve smashed out 2938 and have a total of 20,028 words for the month so far. I feel a little all over the place with the story. Where I’ve changed some major details from the first draft I’m having to adjust as I go and I feel like it’s a little disjointed at the moment but I think its straightening up a little better now. It’s something I’m trying not to think about, because if I do then I’ll be wanting to go back and edit it.

This coming week I’m off work so I’ll have a little more time to get some words down. I’m hoping for a couple of 2000+ word days and firstly get caught up, and then get ahead a little.

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