On Saturday while I was at work I put my hand in my thigh pocket and realised my notebook wasn’t in there. Panic followed as the fear of all the notes that are in might possibly be lost would be long gone.

As I was at work I couldn’t take the time to go and search for it so I tried not to stress myself out while I worked. I figured it could only be in a couple of places; at home where I leave my work clothes overnight. Or in my brothers car as he had given me a lift to work that day.

After an hour I managed to get a look in my brothers car and saw the notebook in question. Relieved that the notebook was safe I was able to relax till it was time to go home and I could retrieve it.

It rattled me a little, the thought of loosing so many notes on so many different projects really scared me for those couple of hours that I didn’t know where the book was. It’s not a small book either, so the fact that I didn’t notice it gone bugged me.

The lesson here is that I need to keep a better watch on this notebook in my pocket, make sure the pocket is fastened, and to type up my notes more often than I do at the moment.


2 thoughts on “Panic!

  1. I remember travelling around on some freelance interpreting jobs, and realising I had left my notebook SOMEWHERE, but couldn’t remember where … and it was pretty much full with notes on my then-current project. Anyway, long story short I retraced my steps to every cafe and coffee shop I had been to, and I found it 🙂 best feeling ever.

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