NaNoWriMo 2016: Day Eighteen

I had a good day today. I wrote 1814 words which puts me on 35,509 words for the month. I’m about three day’s ahead, I think, and after nigh on 9000 words in two days (Wednesday and Thursday), I’m quite happy with that. I know I could get my head down and smash out another 1200 words today or more, but I don’t want to burn myself out too much. I’m back at work on Monday and I’d like to do some gaming this weekend and catch up some movies that I missed out on over the summer (Warcraft and 10 Cloverfield Lane).

This NaNo has been a challenge, like I thought it would be. This year has been tough for a number of reasons. Nothing that’s any more dramatic than anybody else’s lives, but still challenging all the same. Doing NaNo has given me such a good vibe and it’s reminded me how much I love writing and how much happier I am within myself.

This year has been bad for writing. It’s felt like I’ve had a fair amount of this year where I fell out of love with writing, but I think it was more of a case that I’ve had a bad year on a personal level. In addition to a lack of writing I’ve barely read anything this year, I’ve not really watched many new shows or movies. I’ve preferred to re-watch TV series and movies again rather than watching new things (Marvel/Netflix aside that is). I have been changing that in the last couple of weeks (Okay, I’ll admit I’m re-watching The Big Bang Theory again). I’ve watched a few movies that I haven’t seen before and I’ve got a couple of TV series that I really want to get stuck into.

Hopefully NaNo is helping me to get back on track.

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