NaNoWriMo 2016: Day Twenty-Five

Today I’ve written 1,861 words which puts me on 48,322 words for the month. I am so very close to hitting 50k now it’s almost a little surreal. Another member of my local NaNo had encouraged me to go hammer and tongs and hit the 50k today. He was on a similar word count and has passed the 50k today, but with work and feeling a little wiped out this evening I just don’t think it was ever on the cards. As I think about it I think this Saturday was always going to be when I crossed that line.

I’ll admit the draft I’ve got is all over the place and it’ll need some serious editing to pull it into a cohesive storyline, but the direction I’m taking it in I’m finding quite exciting and hopefully the editing won’t be too painful. That’s for the near future though, first I have to get a draft done. 

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