December 3rd 2016

Yesterday I didn’t get much time to write and I wasn’t expecting to get anything done at all. I was at work during the day, then home and cleaning the henhouse out. Then I was out for a friends birthday. So I was off down there once I’d tidied myself up and hadn’t had much time to get anything written.

On the way home though, I decided to crack out a few words when I go them. I only had about twenty minutes and knocked out about 300-400 words. I have it written down but can’t remember right now.

I still need to look through this file of The Space Watch and refresh my memory of it all. I’m going to colour code the document as I said in my (2nd Dec) post as I go. I liked what I wrote last night, albeit it wasn’t much. But I like the character I was writing for and can see some fun with him/her as we progress with this story.

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