December 2nd 2016

Today I managed 758 words on The Space Watch, but I really need to read what I’ve written so far. I’ve almost repeated myself a couple of times and although I like what I’ve written in the last couple of days I was a little naive in thinking I didn’t need to go back and read through what I wrote before November. So over the next couple of days I’m going to work through what I’ve already done and get myself re-aquainted with the story.

I am also going to do something that I did during NaNo and that is colour code the story according to which characters POV we’re seeing the scene from. This is something that I found very helpful while doing NaNo. It allowed me to keep track of characters as the story progressed by scrolling through the page thumbnails on the side of the document.

I’m going to read through the outline again, that might help lol.

That’s me done for the night. I’m just watching Lucy and then I’ll be off to sleep. Have a good one everyone!

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