December 13th 2016

I’ve had a couple of quiet days, I just needed to wind down a little. I didn’t write much but played a lot of GTAV online over the weekend (got my arse seriously kicked quite a few times too), but yesterday I wrote and got a really decent 800 words down. I rewrote a paragraph I felt I’d written a tad lazily and I’m much happier with where the paragraph has gone now.

That’s another lesson for me, never write when I’m not fully with it. I do a half-arsed job and then just have to rewrite what I’d written anyway.

I finally got in touch with Owen and discovered he’s had a phone issue, so we’ve talked out the plot hole and have found a solution and are moving forward again.

I haven’t written today. I did a little Christmas shopping this evening and by the time I got home I was wiped. Tomorrow I’ve got a Write-In with members of my local NaNo group, but I think it’ll be more of a writing social than an evening of writing. It’ll be good to sit and chat to them again. It’s such a good region mine and I’m lucky to be in such a supportive community.

That’s it for tonight, I’m just going to finish watching Need For Speed and then it’s some sleep for me.

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