5th January 2017

Not a very productive day today. Work today was one of those days where we had a couple of hours where we were trying to get some work done and almost nothing went right. Nothing bad or disastrous but just irritating. That kind of set the tone for the rest of the day to be honest. I got home, just feeling wiped out. So I’ve not done a lot tonight. I’ve edited a couple of paragraphs and I wrote some words on Penal Earth during twenty minutes of my lunch break. 399 words in all.

Something else that did distract me this evening was that I booked up for Birmingham Horror Con on the 4th of February. So that took a little time, but I am silly excited about this now. I’ve been thinking about going for some time now, but I got the day booked off from work and I’m going. My buddy Stefan and his girlfriend, Steph, are both coming as well. Stefan came to Bristol Horror Con last year with me, and the awesome CL Raven are going to be there too and I’m really looking forward to seeing them both again.

The next four weeks are really going to drag out now.

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