19th January 2017

A little bit more of a slower day today. I’ve written 722 words on Penal Earth during my lunch break and around procrastinating tonight. I made the mistake in playing a couple of mixes from bands I’m not that familiar with yet and that has proven far too distracting, even now I’m being distracted by it. Tomorrow I’ll get back to my regular playlist and focus on finding new music when I’m not trying to write or edit.

I’m at that point where I’m feeling good about writing. The words are not flowing freely, but they’re not fighting against me tooth and nail either.

Something that I think does affect me a little is when a colleague at work has his day off. Normally its a Wednesday but this week he switched and had today off. Although it wasn’t an incredibly busy day I still open and close up and have to deal with a few more things than I normally do and I struggle a little more to be productive of an evening. This is something else I need to learn to find a solution for.

Always strive to move forward.

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