18th January 2017

A seriously chunky 6800 words edited tonight, but this edit of The Space Watch is DONE! I’m going to give it a couple of days, maybe even over the weekend and then make a start on red-penning the paper copy of this story.

It is great to have read the draft through. After having such a big gap in writing it I was worried it was going to feel fragmented, but I don’t think it does. Hopefully this’ll be confirmed when I read through with a red pen. It is also great knowing that we are almost there with this story. Owen and I have been working on this story for five or six years now, and it’s gone through a few evolutions over that time. So, it is quite satisfying to have a copy I can hold.

On Penal Earth, I wrote 455 words during my lunch break. I think I’ll put my focus on this for a couple of days now. As I’m sitting here writing this I think I’ll leave the start of the red-penning till Monday evening, and in the meantime put my attention onto Penal Earth and a little bit of work on a project that cropped up on Monday.

Always strive to move forward.


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