17th January 2017

Not a lot done today. I wrote 505 words on Penal Earth during my lunch break and have edited about a 1000 words of The Space Watch this evening.

I didn’t really get started on the editing till about 9pm this evening and I’m pleased with how many words I did get through and the next bit is quite an important part of the story and I’m nearing the final straight now. Starting this next stretch fresh is important I think, trying it tonight I think would have been a mistake as by the time I got to it I was feeling pretty drained.

I don’t think I’ve got anything else during these weeknights this week now, so hopefully I can get myself into some sort of routine. I learnt a few little things about getting into a routine during NaNo that seem to work for me. Like when I get home not diving into the writing straight away. Instead have something to eat and watch something that’s no more than half an hour long and then getting stuck in. That little routine served me well during NaNo and I’m keen to see if it can continue going forward. It worked well last night.

Right, that’s this done for the night. I’m going to read a little and then bed.

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