16th January 2017

I’ve not written as many words today, only 269 on Penal Earth. But I’ve edited about 3000 words of The Space Watch, which included about 700 words added.

3000 words seem to be my limit per day for editing. I’m finding that’s quite a consistent number when I have the time to sit down for an hour or two. I could probably push that to 4000 words but I do like to drift in and out of social media as I’m working. I find those few little minutes serve as a brief but helpful break as I’m working.

I have been working on something else which come up today but I’m keeping it all close to my chest for the moment, and it’ll be something that I’ll be working on around The Space Watch and Penal Earth. I’m well over the halfway point of The Space Watch and I’m working through some quite exciting passages of it.

I want to get stuck into Silent Dawn by C L Raven so that’ll be all for tonight. I’ll be visiting my Grandad tomorrow so I’m not expecting to fly through 3000 words of editing but I’ll be interested to see how many I do get through.

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