29th Sunday 2017

Today didn’t go as I was planning it yesterday. My plan was to spend the day cracking on and trying to get as much done as I could, but I’d forgotten we had family coming over so I spent the day being social. My being social is spending time with my family with a laptop on my lap. Doing that I managed to knock out 972 words, and that was with a number of words deleted as I went.

I figured out a few problems I was having and had gone back and started correcting some of those problems. I know I said I wouldn’t do this the other day, but as I sat down to write this morning I found that I couldn’t get moving with the story where it was. When I went back and stared making the changes I got rolling pretty easily.

That’s what I’ve gotten done today, I have done a couple of other minor things as well but nothing on editing The Space Watch. That, I’m going to try and get focussed on again this coming week.

The rest of this evening I’m going to spend with my feet up.

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