January 2017

During January I wrote 19229 words for the month and I wrote everyday. It averaged out to about 620 words per day. Most of those words were on Penal Earth but some were on The Space Watch as well.

I had some good days, and some bad days during the month but overall I’m happy with my word output for the month. I would have loved to of broken that 20k mark but it wasn’t to be.

Editing wise, I did get a lot done and I’m hoping to have this draft of The Space Watch rewrite done and off to Owen by the end of February.

Although I’m happy with my output for the month, I’d like to have gotten further along with both the The Space Watch editing and with Penal Earth, but it hasn’t worked out like that. I need to motivate myself better and work better on getting these stories that are in my head out.

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