12th February 2017

Today has been both productive and frustrating. I’ve gotten two things crossed off of my To-Do list but I’ve had to add four items onto it because I have either lost or not done some alterations to four short stories after receiving Beta reader notes. Two of these short stories have been submitted to a couple of online magazines and now I’m seeing the faults in them that should have been rectified. I was printing them off  because two of my friends who are avid readers have agreed Beta read my work. I’ve got two awesome Beta readers already but I’d like a couple more and am glad they’ve agreed. So, although I’m annoyed by this and that I’ve got work to do to put them right, I’m glad I’ve discovered this. I don’t want start sending them out again if they’re wrong.

That did de-rail me a little, but now this week I’ll focus on getting those four short stories up to scratch and then onto my red-pen notes for The Space Watch.

So, I probably won’t be writing many words in the near future but I’ll be editing and that’s something of as great a value as word counts are.

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