Good Morning, Tuesday – 6/6/17

So my plan to start writing my new novel has hit a little bit of a speed bump in that I thought I’d copy and paste all the details into Scrivener and BOOM! I could start writing. Yeah, it’s really not working like that. I’m having to think out my outline a little more than I had done, which has already sparked a few more ideas in how I’m going to write the story.

The outline I had I think is pretty good, but I’m having to think it through a little deeper now. Instead of having a scene which is listed simply as ‘s/he looking at CCTV as the rain came down’ Now with that scene I’ve assigned a character to it and with the character profiles I’ve created events that happen in that scene will work better and create a lot of conflict as the story progresses with this character.

So far I have only got the first chapter laid out. I was meant to go to the cinema last night but that has had to be postponed till next week, but I’m going to see Wonder Woman tonight with another friend. So I won’t get anything more done on it today, but I will be working on another outline during my lunch break and I’ll be back on this main one tomorrow.

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